<h2>Overcoming Challenges, Huge Rewards</h2>

Overcoming Challenges, Huge Rewards

Story By: Megan Khaw
Photos By: InnovITech!

When four Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management (DHTM) students came together to form team InnovITech! for the Singapore MICE Challenge 2016, they did not expect to emerge at the top. They also represented Singapore at the Asian Youth MICE Challenge 2016 in Xiamen, China in November.

Organised by SACEOS, the MICE Challenge aims to provide a platform for tertiary students majoring in MICE or Business Events, Business Management and Hospitality and Tourism to develop their creative skills and apply what they learnt in school to gain real-life experience.

These students, Mohamed Hanis S/O Shahul Hamid, 22, Cherin Kay Si Xian, 19, Nuruljannah Izzati Bte Suethris, 19 and Jerry Koh Kiat Lee, 19, came out on top amid harsh competition with 11 teams from different tertiary institutions. This included a fellow team from Nanyang Polytechnic, Team Terra.

On why they joined the challenge, team leader Mohamed Hanis explains, “Experience and exposure. We wanted to try something out of our comfort zone. The MICE challenge gave us the platform and opportunity to showcase our skills and talents we learned in school to the next level.”

Each team’s goal was to come up with an exhibition that focused on two industry clusters in Singapore – Information and Communications Technology & Media and Energy & Environment. InnovITech!’s WEARITECH! exhibition idea focused on the latest wearable technology that could benefit the security, education and healthcare industries.

“Our event concept is based on four I’s – Innovative wearable technology, Immersive experience, Internationally-recognised and an Inaugural exhibition that one will remember,” Cherin exclaims. WEARITECH! bore the tagline: “Touch the present, feel the future.”

Even though the planning of the events was part of the team’s curriculum at school, they did not expect it to be so detailed in the planning and brainstorming of the challenge.

“At first, we kept throwing out ideas that only revolved around the 'Wow' factor that we could add into our exhibition layout, but we kept forgetting to think about the bigger picture to link all our ideas together,” Jerry says.

Each member of the team’s hard work showed through finding time after school to conceptualise and discuss their ideas. Each member put effort into their part of the project and met up often to align their ideas to ensure they were on the right track.

“Working with each other was challenging yet great,” says Mohamed Hanis.

Other challenges included trying to get over certain milestones, and with schoolwork piling up week after week. Yet, InnovITech! overcame them with motivation from each other.

“The minute they announced us as the winners, our jaws dropped, our expressions were epic, and the next thing we did was to hug one another with tears of joy,” says Mohamed Hanis.

“We were also recognized for creating a new ‘fashion statement’ for our co-ordinated attire as suggested by the President of SACEOS, Ms. Janet Tan-Collis,” Mohamed Hanis says.

Team leader Mohamed Hanis concludes with some advice: “The whole team has to be committed and passionate about it. It's going to be a long, tough road of hard work and dedication but the outcome will be worth it. If you want it, go get it! Don't be afraid to aim high because it is going to be your one moment to shine like a star!”

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