<h2>On Point: On The Range and Off</h2>

On Point: On The Range and Off

  Story by Nicodemus Kee |  Photos courtesy of Martina Veloso

If you’re into the local sports scene, you may have heard of Martina Lindsay Veloso, our national athlete in shooting and student of NYP SBM’s Diploma in Sport and Wellness. The 17-year-old was the youngest ever gold medallist in shooting at the Munich World Cup 2014, in addition to other achievements such as gold in the Women’s Team 10m Air Rifle in the 2015 SEA Games.

A very impressive achievement by any standard. All sparked by the mere thought of looking cool when holding a weapon, Martina said.

“I first tried shooting in an Indoor Air Weapon range when I was 11. When I did some shots, I enjoyed the feeling of shooting a bull’s eye and that's when it all started,” said the second year student.

However, it’s far from the perfect life. She’s set her sights on the upcoming Kuala Lumpur 2017 SEA Games and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, while facing the challenge of balancing her training with her studies. With training sessions after school and tutorials and tests to tackle, there are bound to be sacrifices even with good time management.

“I have to sacrifice my social life with friends, sometimes family time and last but not least, sleep,” she shared.

On the other hand, the support from her classmates have coloured her polytechnic life and encouraged her to strive on.

“Whenever I go for overseas competitions, they would tell me what I've missed out on and also try to help me on subjects that I'm not so good in. I'm very grateful for their help,” she said.

Despite the challenges, however, Martina remains confident. She believes that determination will allow her to achieve results, regardless of its difficulty.

“I'm very determined in achieving a task and once I put my mind into doing it, I'd be pleased with the results,” she said. Small wonder that she’s achieved this much, given her willpower.

That, and never giving up.

<h1>Dream Big, Work Hard</h1>

Dream Big, Work Hard