Comfort in Flames & Scents

Comfort in Flames & Scents

Story & Photos by Nur Haslin Hashim

Upon discovering her passion and talent for art, Hana Al-Johary, 24, established the brand Quofic - an artwork that combines Kufic (an art from the early islamic era) calligraphy and empowering quotes. The business started with her just selling the artworks to her customers. Now, she has ventured into the candle production scene. 

It started when Hanan created a lavender-scented organic soy wax candle and pasted a quote from the Koran on the glass vessel for her then fiancè, Mohammad Adzfar Bin Mohammad Alami, 29, to help him de-stress as he has just started a new job in the corporate sector. 

The handmade gift soon grew popular among their friends and they started placing their orders. Integrating Adzfar’s love for essential oils and scents with Hanan’s fondness for art, Quofic Candle was born last year.

Now married, the co-founders of Quofic Candle believe that these empowering quotes have the ability to heal while scents are able to evoke memories and feelings from the past.  This, in turn, will create a warm and cosy atmosphere where people seek comfort in.

“The calming scent of lavender diffusing from the warm and bright flame of a Quofic Candle with a quote to remind you that ‘this too shall pass’ is more powerful and effective than any prescribed pill could achieve,” says the newly-wedded groom.

Candles give the newlyweds each a different sense of comfort. To Hanan, the image of a bright, dancing flame on a candle in complete darkness is one of the most powerful things she has probably come across.

“There is just something soothing and elegant about it,” she adds.

To Adzfar however, candle scents make him feel at ease and give him a peace of mind.

Different scents bring about different feelings and recollections. Hence, both Hanan and Adzfar have to find the right concoctions to achieve the main objective of selling Quofic Candle – to heal. They do research on the various scents and practice trial and error to obtain the right concentration of scents.

“We are huge fans of our own brand and we believe in the healing effects of our scented candles. If our customers are able to experience the same, then we know exactly how they feel and there is nothing better than knowing that we made somebody’s day,” Hanan adds.

The ability of a candle flame and its scent to provide comfort to so many different individuals in their significant ways is beauty on its own. This also goes to show that people are able to find comfort in many different things.

To the co-founders of Quofic Candle, comfort is to know that your fears are unfounded, to know that worst case scenarios never come true, to know that the past is the past and to know that no matter who you are, someone is always thinking fondly of you and may just mysteriously leave a Quofic Candle somewhere with you all with a beautiful purpose: for you to find comfort and for you to feel better.

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