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SGAG – Your Daily Dose of Singaporean Humour

Sounds familiar?

SGAG is a spin off from the internationally famous social media platform 9GAG, which is dedicated to making “memes” based on everyday happenings in the little red dot.


Humble Beginnings

“At that time, we were just bored students in class surfing 9GAG.  And that was the same year when Singapore’s McDonald’s decided to charge for curry sauce. We were quite frustrated and felt the need to talk about it online,” Xiao Ming explained.

However, he felt that the international community of 9GAG would not understand their frustration. “Only Singaporeans will get it, therefore we decided to start a page to post things like that online.”

To their surprise, the post went viral.

“It got 500 likes and we were so excited. So, we decided to post about everything and anything that happens in Singapore. It became a hobby,“ Xiao Ming says. The team got lucky, because at that time, there were frequent train breakdowns in the country.

“We made a couple of posts on that (trains breaking down) and it spread like wild fire.  It was also then did we decide to change our name officially to SGAG, to identify ourselves with Singaporeans and differentiate ourselves from 9GAG. We wanted to focus on issues only Singaporeans can understand. “


SGAG is a troll friend

Recently, fans of SGAG have been receiving “glitter bombs” (myself included) from our troll friends at SGAG. So what motivates them to do this?

“We wanted SGAG to be your friend, someone who you can interact with. We are not some anonymous, masked villain (although we prefer to keep our identities a secret). We just wanted to have fun, and make people laugh. Our trolls and pranks are all in the name of fun, that that is how we want to present ourselves,” says Xiao Ming.

When it comes to their most successful post, the PM Lee Christmas Remix takes the cake. “It was very well received, and our most successful song thus far,” he explained. Next in line was SGAG’s SG50 Fun Pack Giveaway, which he felt was one of the most memorable events.

“I was excited for this especially, because we were able to engage our fans through innovative methods,” Xiao Ming mentioned.


What You Did Not Know About SGAG

Memes and trolls aside, SGAG was revealed to have a full time team who runs SGAG. The co-founder himself is a full time staff at SGAG. “We have content creators, creative directors etc,” he beamed. “We are one team.”

SGAG posts about five new pieces on their social media platforms every single day.

“It’s not about writing news. It’s about being creative. These stories came from personal experiences, stories heard from family and friends…  A lot of things such as “Life As A Student/ NS Man” are also inspired by our team’s daily life as well.”

Besides, SGAG also has a phone app whereby users can submit their own entries. According to the co-founder, 30% of the content found on SGAG are from fan entries. However, the team generates the rest of the posts.

“We comb through e-mails and find stuff that people send us. If it’s funny, we would publish it,” he said.


One More Surprising Thing – SGAG is Hiring Interns

“SGAG is constantly trying to come up with fresh content to engage our fans. We are on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram… It is important to be relevant and relatable. SGAG makes sure to produce quality content, to prove entertainment for all. “ Xiao Ming said.

“Oh, and one more thing, we are always looking to hire interns, so if anyone at Nanyang Polytechnic is interested, you can always write to us.”

Now, you know where to go for a good troll.


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