Desi Daze

Desi Daze


The term “desi” refers to someone or something from the Indian subcontinent, inspired from the word “deshah” which is defined as “country” in the historic Sanskrit language.

Cultures have come and gone. There are cultures that have disappeared with no traces. However, the Indian culture stands tall and proud and shows no signs of vanishing anytime soon.

The Indian culture is one of the oldest and definitely, one of the most influential culture today. While Bollywood movies capture the hearts of many, the wide variety of Indian food never fails to make our mouths salivate.

In this issue, we want you to rediscover and be mesmerised with the beauty of the Indian culture. We aim to showcase how this irresistible, ancient culture has made an impact on our modern society.

Ever wondered what the famous #SouthIndianAndProud movement on Twitter is all about? Learn more as we speak to the creator of this hashtag, Tricia Ferdinandt and what inspired her to start this remarkable movement.

Find out how the well-known Moghul Sweet Shop, located in the heart of Little India started out and find out what their best-selling sweets are!

If you are an avid fan of Bollywood, you are in for a treat. We have gathered the top 5 Bollywood movies that you must watch! Furthermore, find out what went on behind the scenes as CATCH’s editorial team took part in a session of Bollyaerobix!

Through this issue, we would like our readers to broaden their horizons on the Indian culture and beliefs, as well as to appreciate this beautiful heritage.

The editorial team at CATCH wishes you a blissful time reading this enchanting issue! 


Sameera Begum