From Rags to Riches

From Rags to Riches

YouTube sensation Eden Ang shares his experience on how the video sharing website changed his life.

Story: Haresh Kumar
Photo Courtesy of Eden Ang

Kicked out of home at the age of 18, he struggled to even pay for his basic necessities; but his sheer determination made him become who he is today.

Never in a million years did Eden Ang expect that he could actually build a career in YouTube.

“In my first ever video, I wanted to combine the few skills I had into one - I composed a song, danced to it and even told my story in it,” says Eden.

“I put that online as my resume and that is how my YouTube career actually got started.”

Eden started his YouTube channel in Dec 2010 and has since garnered over 141,115 subscribers till date. He signed to Universal Studios Singapore in 2012 as a break-dancer and that was when his popularity started to grow.

Venturing into theatre - which was his then passion - he managed to score a role in Spring Awakening, a musical that was run by Pangdemonium. Pangdemonium is a theatre company owned by local celebrity, Adrian Pang.

The invitations for auditions slowly started pouring in and before he knew it, he joined the popular YouTube channel, Wah! Banana; He was later casted as Michael Tong in the long running local series, Tanglin.

Eden shared that his drive to create good content was having the ability to better someone else’s life and be looked upon as an inspiration by them.

“I only have one job in my life and that is to entertain; if I don’t do that well, nobody else will. I put it upon myself to make sure that my viewers have a good time when they are watching me on TV or on YouTube,” he says.

The life of a YouTuber is not an easy one.

With less than five hours of sleep on a daily basis, it will be hard for ordinary people to create good content.

But on the contrary, Eden believes that his life as a YouTuber indeed shaped him into the better man that he is today.

“A lot of people have come up to me telling me that they have many ideas for a YouTube video, and I always encourage them to try it.”

“To set up a YouTube account takes less than five minutes, but to actually go there and make it successful, now that’s the challenge.  So for all the people out there in the world that are actually thinking about it, just do it."

Watch the video below to find out more about Eden Ang!

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