Don't Sleep On These Bands

Don't Sleep On These Bands

Story by: Thanussha Priyah
Photos by: 7nightsatsea, Koji, Tell Lie Vision, Hrvst


Formed in 2012, post-rock band 7nightsatsea has performed at Mosaic Music Festival and even had the privilege to share the stage with international bands such as Touche Amore and Tricot. This four-piece band consists of Keith Rodriguez, Md Farhan, A’alely Zahid and Damian Steven. They also performed at Baybeats, giving them the extra push and energy to feel immensely motivated to keep the ball going.  

Keep an eye out for their full-length album which is in the midst of its final touches currently. It will be released sometime before mid-year with their local release show.


Local rock band, Koji, was part of the Noise Singapore Music mentorship programme in 2014 and the Baybeats mentorship programme in 2016. Koji consists of four band members, Asyraf Rasid, Farhan Yazid, Nazrul Satimun and Arif Rahmat. What does Koji even mean? Vocalist, Asyraf answered: “Koji is a Japanese word that means Origin. It is a reminder for ourselves to always remember how we started out and to never forget the people who gave us the support from the start”. They have released a couple of songs from their EP, namely, Closure, and a fun song named after one of the main characters, Mrs Mia Wallace, from the famous comedy crime movie, Pulp Fiction.  

Don’t miss them at Baybeats this year and keep a look out for their EP, which will be released at the end of 2016.

Tell Lie Vision

Tell Lie Vision consists of Hasif Jasman, Irfan Samsuri, Hairul Azman, Vikkash Suruchand and Lester Chua. This five-piece alternative rock/post hard-core band started their musical journey in 2012 when they entered and clinched the second place in a band competition, Thunder Band Slam 2012, with Hasif winning the Best Vocalist award. They will also be performing at Baybeats this year and are working towards the release of their debut album in the near future.

Some of their works are available on their band camp website -

Do give them a listen and look out for them at Baybeats this year.


This three-piece band consists of Melvin Ong, Sanjay Mohan and Qi Jian and they make up Hrvst, a hardcore punk/metal local band. They used to be in a band previously but it ended and after some time, the three of them decided to recreate the band again as music helped them to get through life.  The remade band ventured into a darker and heavier genre. Vocalist and bassist, Melvin Ong stated:  “if you work hard without letting it get to your head, good things will come with the right amount of positivity.”

Their music is available on their band camp web page – 

Look out for this homegrown band at Baybeats this year!

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