Getting Into The Spirit Of Things

Getting Into The Spirit Of Things

Story by: Siti Nur Faisha
Photos by: Kembara Misteri, Siti Nur Faisha

For others, it’s all about the thrill and sense of adventure. But for paranormal investigators, they are determined to verify facts, investigate myths and research about the supernatural. Groups like Kembara Misteri Singapore (KMS) dedicate their time to visit gloomy forests, abandoned sites and old buildings to collect evidence on the unknown. To them, ghost hunting is more than just a hobby – it is a passion.

Directed by: Siti Nur Faisha


“I saw a black figure here,” he said calmly. Arjuna brought me to the area where he claimed to have seen ‘something’ just moments ago. 

On a gloomy Saturday night, I was invited to a ghost hunting session at King Albert Park by KMS. I spent an hour being part of the experience and observing the paranormal investigation process.

The session began at 11.30pm. The forest surrounding the station, which looks inviting and calm during the day, became dark and creepy during the night.

To make the experience even more personal and genuine, the crew gave me a night vision camera to document my reactions.

The paranormal team explained that they would normally conduct a simple ‘test of courage’. One or two members are required to be isolated from the group and stay stationary in an area for a period of time. In the meantime, the other members will set up cameras and watch from afar. 

Through this activity, it is believed that there is a high chance of entities presenting themselves. The members participating in the ‘test of courage’ will attempt to communicate with the entities using the equipments at hand such as audio or Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recorders.

As we walked deeper into the forest, the crew left me to partake in the ‘test of courage’ with a friend. We stood in the forest not knowing what might happen. During the seemingly long 10 minutes, I felt a presence, it felt like ‘something’ was watching me. With no lights around, my eyes started to play tricks as I tried to make out what was in front of me. And at one point, it suddenly got chilly.

Moments later, Arjuna joined us saying that his intuition sensed that the area was “quite active”. We decided to call it a night and gathered at the entrance. Blood reported that he had captured an anomaly on tape while I was participating in the ‘test of courage’. The video revealed a woman with long black hair dressed in white clothing ‘hovering’ near a tree. They believed that the ‘woman’ was a ‘banshee’ or better known as a ‘Pontianak’. Being an idealist and growing up in a superstitious household, I could not believe my eyes.

It made me wonder, do ghosts really exist?

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