The Nocturnal Issue

The Nocturnal Issue

The meaning of “Nightlife” is not a subject that can be accurately defined. Well, at least not when it comes to complex beings that we are. I guess we are partly to blame, because as individuals, we all hold contrasting views.

As youths of today, we are not easily satisfied by “regularity”. We are constantly in search of something foreign, unique and totally mind-boggling to see, touch, listen, taste and smell.

The speeds at which trends phase in and out of our lives have raised the bar for nightlife. Anything below these chic and contemporary standards are felt to be an egregious wastage of our time.

There is no need to be coy about it. If we are starting to become blasé with something, we move on to the next trendsetting phenomenon and then on to the following one that has yet to become realized by the masses.

In this issue we explore both ends of the nightlife spectrum starting from the rambunctious sound of local bands such as Tell Lie Vision, 7nightsatsea and more, which are just not talked about enough. 

Keeping it fresh, our cover feature, Charlene Yong, takes us through how her impressive social finesse has brought her the fabulous opportunity of heading promotions at an up and coming club.

Any divergence in opinions concerning what nightlife encompasses is a non-issue as we take a mellow detour into the world of LED kite flying with Michael Lim (page 62) who shares his process and inspiration behind this one of a kind hobby.

Everyone adores food and that is quite an understatement when it comes to supper places. Melissa Koh takes us on a journey, sharing her beloved supper spots that she just cannot live without, especially after some drinks.

Here at CATCH, the editorial team gives you nothing less in terms of quality and we won’t stop from going the extra mile. So, sit back, turn it up and enjoy the issue.


Brandon Chia

A Shift In Gears

A Shift In Gears