Different Dining Habits You Can Relate To

Different Dining Habits You Can Relate To

Story & Photos by Sherilyn Chong

Ever wondered what food and dining quirks people have? Take a look at eight scenarios where we discuss the habits that people have while they feast.

1.    There must always be chilli sauce on the table

As Singaporeans, a must-have will always be that one hot pepper to spice up our food. Basically, most of us can’t live without chilli. However, there are some who don’t have a preference.


2.    Rice must always have gravy drizzled over

Is plain rice too dry for your taste? Well, gravy will definitely save the day. Especially, if it’s poured over your plain rice until it serves as a pile of soaked rice.


3.    When sharing dishes, you take the last piece

Are you that person who would shamelessly take the last piece left on a particular dish? Or are you the one who would be considerate or too ashamed to discreetly take the last piece?


4.    Your plate must be completely clean after finishing your meal

Do you hate wasting food such that every little bit of rice grain has to be consumed on your plate? Or are you one to not care about those extra bits left behind?


5.    Save the best food for last

Do you have the habit of saving the best for last? Maybe it’s the part where it has the most cheese, and so you don’t eat it and leave it till the very end. Or maybe you would rather eat the crusts of a sausage roll before actually eating the sausage itself?


6.    You don’t continue to use utensils when you are served finger food

When you are already using utensils, and you get served finger foods like chicken wings, do you still use your fork and knife to eat it? Or do you find it too troublesome to even do that, so you just use your hands as utensils?


7.    When eating in a group and your food comes first, you start eating first

Do people think you're patient? Will you wait until everyone has been served their dishes? Or are you the “I’m too hungry, I can’t wait” type, and so you just begin eating anyway?


8.    You load your spoon with a little bit of everything

Are you aware of the food you put on your spoon before you put it in your mouth? Do you meticulously place a proportion of meat, vegetable and sauce on your spoon before consuming it? Well, if you managed to put everything on your spoon, you’re simply just good at balancing things.


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