Soul Searching Talents with Charlie Lim

Soul Searching Talents with Charlie Lim

Story by Sherilyn Chong

Singer-songwriter Charlie Lim, 28, has been producing music locally for the last six years and there are no signs of him letting up just yet.

For the uninitiated, Charlie released EPs entitled “Charlie Lim” in 2011 and “TIME/SPACE” in 2015 with collections of songs ranging from pop, rock, neo-soul and electronic.

Charlie is participating in Youths Celebrate! Sustainability at Gardens by the Bay on 19 May as a music mentor, where he will perform with his mentee. The artists were picked from a pool of Timbre Music Academy students and tertiary student bands.

About his mentee, he said: “I’m looking for someone who’s got his or her own vision and works hard to execute it.”

Asked about how his music has made an impact on the youths today, he said pointedly: “I don't really take stock on that! But I know that I’m part of a bigger movement that’s paving the way for future generations of musicians and songwriters to take their craft seriously and try to make a living out of it.”

What keeps him going his passion for music and he’s managed to sustain it in the local scene. He shared: “It wasn’t really a conscious thing that I thought about when I first started out, I just knew that I had to focus on making what I wanted to hear.”

“It’s a tough industry and there’s a lot of luck and timing involved, so you have to manage expectations,” he shared about his personal experience as an evolving local artist.

Through the years he has received many hidden talents from youths. “It’s very humbling whenever I get sent clips and recordings of younger bands and singer-songwriters covering my songs. I never thought that would be a thing,” he said.

For aspiring singer/songwriters, Charlie advised: “It’s probably helpful to define your own version of success, but also be aware that the goal posts will keep changing over time and when that happens, never forget why you do what you do in the first place.”



Youths Celebrate! Sustainability is a 2-day event on 19 and 20 May at Gardens by the Bay intended to reach out and encourage youths to be interested in the environment through various activities they would enjoy.

Music Mentor

Catch Charlie Lim as he performs with his mentee, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter. The latter was picked from a pool of Timbre Music Academy students and tertiary student bands for a mentorship with Charlie Lim. The audience is certainly in for a treat!

 Date: Friday, 19 May

Time: 8pm

Venue: Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay

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