How To: Unicorn Hot Chocolate

How To: Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Story & Photos by Nicodemus Kee

Food can be made and eaten any way you want to. Need it tasty? Pick up suitable ingredients and some cooking skills. Aesthetic? Presentation. But what about quirky?

Probably a combination of creativity and appearance. One food trend we found quirky was the Unicorn Hot Chocolate. Its rich colours and tempting sinfulness immediately attracted our sweet teeth. We simply had to try making it, especially given it’s popularity. After all, it is hard to resist the temptation of marshmallows and chocolate combined into a single dessert.


We used:

- A bowl of Milk

- A bowl of Cream

- Half a bowl of White Chocolates

- 1 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

- Pink Food Colouring

- Marshmallows

- Hundreds and Thousands


We poured the milk, cream, vanilla extract and the white chocolates into a saucepan and mixed them. We then heated it over medium heat while continuously stirring to avoid burning the mixture, while pouring in the food colouring until we achieved our shade of pink.

After all the chocolate had melted and mixed with the milk and cream, we set it aside and waited for it to cool, before pouring in the concoction into a cup. We then proceeded to decorate it with the marshmallows and hundreds and thousands.

It was relatively simple to prepare, considering how none of us had much knowledge on preparing home recipes.

The dessert tasted exactly as we’d expect, extremely sweet. It was as though we were drinking white chocolate laced with milk. No surprises there. It was also somewhat thick. For those who prefer something more dilute, we’d recommend using less cream or using half-and-half.

The decorations definitely influenced the presentation of the dessert however. If we were to do it again, we’d definitely spend a lot more time on arranging the marshmallows. Perhaps even experiment with sprinkles or something similar.

We’d highly recommend giving it a try, especially for those with a sweet tooth. It’s definitely not merely hot chocolate with a lot of food colouring and decoration, but a dessert that we’d enjoy every now and then.


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