Inhale. Exhale. Live

Inhale. Exhale. Live

Life in this cosmopolitan city we call home is fast, faster, and faster still.

From the moment our eyes open before dawn to the time they flutter close in the wee hours of the morning, life seems to flash past at lightning speed. It’s a constant hustle bustle where every second is spent doing something, be it productive or not, which soon turns into a repetitive cycle that leaves us weary.

Going to the surface of the urban concrete jungle we live in and taking in a breath of fresh air is key to survival in this demanding society. What one really needs is a break from reality, a holiday from worries, and an escape from stress. 

In this issue of CATCH, we uncover a lifestyle which, in contrast to our jam-packed lifestyles, seems to be on another plane of existence. From quaint little finds in the nooks and crannies of our sunny island to delectable treats to cheer yourself up, this issue is loaded for a lazy day.

Hidden away from plain sight, “Sinseh: The Grocery” offers ingenious delights that are sure to leave you in awe.

The embodiment of what it means to be “zen”, Charles Loh — more commonly known by his alias, mossingarden — shares about his hobby-turned-job of preserving nature in a jar and the importance of taking the time to appreciate the smallest things in life.

Avid about knitting, Rachel Hoe reveals how her hobby “meant for old people” has done her a lot of good and how it can benefit others as well.

With more than just flavours to offer, Kimberley Soo talks about her journey from hobby baker to baker-preneur.  

Bringing joy to others through flowers and picnic baskets, delve deeper into the mind behind Heaven’s Bloom & Baskets, Grace Tay. 

The CATCH team has put in our best effort to reveal to you what the laid back life has to offer. Remember to treat yourself to a little Tender Loving Care every now and then. Have a pleasant read and a blessed month ahead.

Making Moss Look Boss

Making Moss Look Boss