SALTY | Add To Cart?

SALTY | Add To Cart?

Saving money or breaking the bank? Are cheap buys really a bargain or just a scheme to make you buy more?

Story & Photo by Elaine Tan

Have you ever felt like slipping into the world of cheap online bargains, but halt as you stare at your low bank balance in confusion? We’ll tell you why.

Simple, cheap, convenient. These are probably the first words that come to your mind when you think of online shopping. However, while commonly used as a way to save money by getting cheap bargains, does online shopping really help us pamper ourselves without breaking the bank?

Surprisingly, it does not! The worst thing? You purchase everything in the end because it seems much cheaper than buying them in stores.

With that mentality, we’re tricked into thinking that we aren’t spending a lot of money despite buying everything that catches our eyes on impulse. However, in reality, hundreds of dollars are just thrown into the wind by buying things that we don’t actually need! And of course, with online shopping, shipping fees are not part of the stated price, and it can amount to twice the price of the actual product.

Now, that definitely doesn’t help you save money, does it?


piggy bank.png

We have all fallen into the charms of online shopping at least once in our lives, or even multiple times for those addicted. The countless items in our rooms that were bought on impulse through sites such as EZ-Buy are a huge reminder of our lack of self-control, even if we’d rather deny the fact.

Online shopping is definitely a huge part of our lives with some low prices and its convenience, but don’t forget to take a step back to judge if the item is a want or a need, and whether it is really worth the money before purchasing it. Don’t take a trip down the rabbit hole and lose your money in the process of trying not to break the bank!

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