SERENITY: Making Sense with Your Five Senses

Here’s CATCH’s two cents worth on how to keep calm with your five senses



Keeping your cool amidst a taxing day at work can be a struggle, and we all try to cope in different ways. Trying to find your zen fast does not mean dropping everything around you and booking your next flight to Maldives pronto, Instead look around you and within. Let’s use our five senses to reclaim our inner peace.



Did you know that the colour green provides most relief to the eye? Take your eyes off the blue screen for a bit and switch it up with a spruce of green. Get yourself a pet plant at your desk and watch it blossom over time.



Forget the Febreze, let’s go au naturel and have some fun by mixing essential oils. Each essential oil brings its own benefits-- lemon detoxifies while lavender reduces anxiety. Blended together, they meld to form an effective stress-busting concoction. The benefits and possibilities are endless!



On some days, upbeat acoustic covers and electronic dance funks just don’t cut it. Let’s go back to basics. The pitter patter of rain is scientifically proven to be a non-threatening one. This means it is no surprise that we feel lulled back to sleep with every morning shower. No rain? No problem. Search up “rain sounds” online and hear the soothing cadence of rain all around you-- minus getting drenched


As the old adage goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”. Pop a few slices of fresh fruit into your bottle of water for an instant refresher and immunity booster. This natural infusion of vitamins bring a tinge of sweetness with every dose; talk about sipping your way to goodness!



No, we’re not talking fidget spinners. Think therapeutic. Keep a bottle of moisturising lotion with you and treat yourself to a mini-massage wherever you are. Squeeze a generous dollop onto your palm and give your hands the rubdown it deserves. Bonus points if it’s scented!


CATCH Recommends

Lemon Balm plant

If you’re thinking of a potted plant to keep, we recommend a lemon balm plant. Apart from the joys of growing your own greens, the lemon balm plant’s leaves emanate a sweet-smelling citrusy scent when rubbed.

Catch it at: Your neighbourhood florist or local supermarket.


WoodWick HearthWick Flame Paradise Blue

Smell your candle and hear it too! Experience the fireplace wherever you are as you hear the soothing crackle of a wood wick candle. We love WoodWick’s HearthWick Flame in Paradise Blue as it’s reminiscent of a warm cuppa.

Catch it at: WoodWick, CityLuxe Store ION Orchard


Meykr Blocks Water Bottle

What better way to store your daily dose of fruit-infused water than with this sleek bottle? Making fruit-infused water will never be a chore again as you see the literal fruits of your labour through the clear plastic.

Catch it at: Naiise

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