BEauty: Trash to Treasure

Give your unwanted items a second life with these easy upcycling ideas. After all, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure



#1 Single-Use Straw Packets


Next time you get ready for a trip, instead of packing large bottles of shampoo and shower gel, just make these easy single-use packets. All you need are travel essentials, straws, scissors, pliers and a lighter.


#1. Cut a straw into a four-inch section and squeeze a small amount of shampoo into the straw.

#2. Pinch together one end of the straw using the pliers and heat it with a lighter until the plastic melts and seals together.

#3. Seal the other end of the straw.

#4. Label the straw.

#2 Paperclip Bookmarks


I don’t know about you but I can never seem to find any bookmarks at home. However, paperclips and washi tape seem to be the perfect solution. Make a bookmark with just these two items.


#1. Cut a strip of washi tape.

#2. Insert it into one end of the paper clip.

#3. Fold the tape over on itself.

Voila! An effortless and inexpensive bookmark.

#3 Magazine Pages Notebook Cover 


People always say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but this DIY will get their heads turning for all the good reasons. Are your magazines piling up and collecting dust at home? Add a personalized touch to your notebooks by cutting out photos or text from old magazines.


#1. Cut out different pictures from old magazines.

#2. Glue the cut-outs to any notebook of your choice.

There you have it, a one-of-a-kind notebook!

#4 CD Spindle Food Holder


This hack is probably my personal favourite because it involves food. Got spare CD spindles lying around? This hack is so easy, you won’t need anything else! Be sure to clean them before using them as food carrying containers. Bagels, sandwiches, donuts and pandan cake, you will be surprised at the variety of items that a CD spindle can hold.


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