BEyond: Around the World with Sasha Christian

BEyond: Around the World with Sasha Christian

Singapore national team wakeboarder Sasha Christian shares her favourite travels. The Red Bull athlete and four-time SEA Games champion has visited twenty nations and divulges her penchant and curiousity to explore the world



Where there is the sun, surf, and sand, there you will find Sasha Christian.

The famed wakeboarder is known for her stellar tricks on the water, and even when she's off duty she's still addicted to the open sea.

As one of Singapore's most prominent Southeast Asian (SEA) Games medalists, the four-time champion is blessed with heavenly travels far and wide.

Unable to see sights during tournaments abroad, she cherishes her vacations, and has been to numerous cities around the world.

Speaking to CATCH from Chiba, Japan, the 24-year-old said: "One of my favourite trips has to be Cebu back in June in 2015, where I went deep sea diving (shown in following page).

"My holidays always have to be active. My advice for people who want to travel a lot is to do research, find a good partner to go with, and know your interest.

"Mine is the water, so I make sure I always have an activity in the sea."

At the time of our chat with Sasha, she was in Japan for a rare two week-long holiday. She let us in on a stunning sight, divulging Asakusa as a must-visit spot. Both a tourist and local hot spot, the Senso-ji is one of Tokyo’s best known temples (shown in photo above).

She said, "It's rare for me to take a break this long... but it's nice to come to Japan, especially in the fall."

She was once quoted saying: "When I'm happy, I wakeboard. When I'm sad, I wakeboard. Wakeboarding is always there for me.".

This proved to manifest in 2010, when she became the first Singaporean and only the second Asian to join Red Bull's fleet of athletes.

The stunning beauty, who is of Chinese and Indian descent, had the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Austria, courtesy of Red Bull (shown in photo above).

She also was also toured by former Red Bull driver Mark Webber around the Formula One's team's garage.

These are some of the perks of being one of the most prominent faces of water sport in Singapore, but she insists there is more to explore. She yearns to explore Kashmir in the future.

She said, "My mother remembers India very fondly. She went there for her honeymoon.

"I've never been to South Asia so it's a place I am definitely wishing to visit."

When asked what made traveling special to her, she simply answered, "The people are so warm wherever I travel. I love immersing myself in a new city and culture."

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