Editor's Note

Editor's Note

To be unique is now a privilege, and to be an artist is to be an individual.

In this issue of CATCH, we seek to define the grey area that separates black and white as well as to discover what constitutes individuality when it comes to pursuing your ambitions and being different. Many of the individuals covered in this issue have faced their fair share of struggles unique to their predicaments in order to fulfill their dreams, and their stories will hopefully inspire you to do the same.

The 90s has made its preordained return, Death Threads, a vintage clothing thrift store that caters to its vast community shows how important the preservation of culture is, through a series of monthly pop up events.

Crafter-cum-graphic designer, Rachel Danam, speaks on her up and coming crafts business as well as what sets her apart from the rest.

Intricate design meets personal stories, Rickie Marcus, a tattoo artist from Naked Skin Tattoo shares her experiences working in the industry while debunking a few misconceptions about the job.

We share the story of rehabilitating drug abuser, Jix Sze, an ex-convict that tells the tale of his gruelling struggle with addiction since age 14, as well as the obstacles he faced during his recuperation.

The CATCH team hopes that these stories might offer you some fresh perspectives and we encourage you to embrace the ‘CONTRASTED’ side of yourself. Have an enjoyable reading experience and we wish you many blessings in the month ahead.


Endi Haikal Sham




Poppin' Pillys

Poppin' Pillys