Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No! It’s a food truck! Tuck into these piping hot meals on the go

Words by Hong Jie Ying  |   Photo by Endi Haikal Sham


The Coffee Bandits has a pretty big selection of foods on their menu - ranging from sandwiches to a variety of hot and cold beverages to sweet treats perfect for dessert or a snack.

One of their items was the PBJ sandwich ($4.90). The Coffee Bandits’ PBJ sandwiches include emmental cheese, an interesting take on the classic PBJ sandwich. The sandwich did not look particularly appetizing at first glance - just your regular toasted wholemeal bread. However, the flavours of the PBJ and emmental cheese blended really nicely and gave more satisfaction than a regular PBJ would have. It was really nice and savoury with just a little hint of sweetness given by the jam. Pretty reasonable for its price, I believe. This sandwich would make a really nice breakfast or snack instead of a meal.


Another item on the menu was the ice white coffee ($5.40). If you are not a fan of sweet coffee, you can choose to take it without sugar - just let the staff know when they ask you for your preference. You get a pretty decent amount of coffee for what you pay for. Definitely cheaper than Starbucks or Coffee Bean Tea Leaf (CBTL).

However, the thought that came into my mind on my first sip was “oh it’s nice and sweet, but where is the taste of the coffee?” Perhaps it is because I took it with sugar and it might have masked the taste of the coffee. But the verdict is that the coffee was not as nicely brewed as it would have been if it was Starbucks or CBTL. Hence, i felt that the pricing was a little steep for that cup of coffee.

My overall thoughts on The Coffee Bandits would be that it is nice and convenient for a light snack, especially if you are in a dilemma or a quick breakfast when you are rushing with only 5 minutes left till your clock-in timing.



The Lime Truck offers a variety of tacos, bowls (salads), sides and sweet treats. Fret not if you are not into eating meat, The Lime Truck has vegan options catered to you.

Obviously the first thing that I ordered was their famous tacos. I got 2 variations, the Fried Chicky ($4.30) and the No. #1 steak ($4.60).

The Fried Chicky features crispy buttermilk fried chicken, lime seasoning blend, dijon slaw, pickled mustard seeds, house pickles, flour tortilla and a side of ranch. First thing I noticed when I bit into the taco was that the chicken was marinated so nicely. It was extremely flavourful, though it was not as crispy as I had expected. The dijon slaw was a bit dry, I will have to admit but the ranch and lime seasoning blend made up for it. The pickles added a nice crunch and a refreshing taste to the taco. Overall, this taco was pretty tasty and I would most probably eat it again.


Next, I tried their Chips and Lime Guac. I am an avid guac eater and a total chips lover so i was obviously getting it. Chips were very crispy and light - until i tasted some that were kind of on the stale side. But that is okay, it was bearable. The guac on the other hand, was another story. It came in a little container, emphasise on little. But the side was only $3.90, so i could not complain much. Chips and guac can never go wrong, it was pretty good but i could hardly taste any lime. I believe that they probably just squeezed a few drops of lime juice in their guac and mixed it all up, hence the lack of flavour. All in all, it was alright but i will probably make this at home.

My overall thought on The Lime Truck would be that i will probably not be eating the chips or the steak taco ever again, and that I would probably get the chicken taco to eat if I am in the area.





The thing about Kerbside Gourmet is that you really have to track the truck. They have no fixed location or any brick and mortar stores. I happened to chance upon this food truck outside the National Gallery back in August 2017.

The Kerbside Gourmet is modelled on a BAMGAM (buy a meal, give a meal) basis. That means for every meal sold, they give one to needy families. Pretty cool if you ask me.

I took my first glance of their menu and thought that it was pretty pricey. But then again, it is gourmet.

The only thing I tried on their menu (unfortunately) was the Fish Curry Pasta ($15). The presentation was lovely. The angel hair pasta was twirled and set nicely in the dish with a decent slice of dory and curry leaves on it. It was heavenly. Initially I was skeptical about this dish. Fish Curry with Pasta? I do not know how that will taste nice.

However, it was a really creative take on the traditional fish curry. The curry was very flavourful but not spicy enough. It will be ideal for people who like spice but are not able to take much of it. The tomatoes and cucumbers added a nice crunch and was very refreshing to have in an otherwise overwhelming dish. The dory was marinated well. The flavour was infused nicely and its flavour did not clash with the curry gravy. All in all, this dish was wonderful, really tastes like something from a restaurant. The only downside is that the portion a little small for $15.

Overall, tracking down the Kerbside Gourmet can be a pain in the neck but if you happen to pass by the truck, definitely give it a go.




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