Suddenly Cool Again

Suddenly Cool Again

Local vintage clothing store, Death Threads Vintage, has gained popularity through monthly pop up events, and suddenly making your parents’ wardrobe cool again

Words by Endi Haikal Sham   |   Photo by Death Threads Vintage

Death Threads Vintage is run by a small crew of four young, determined and passionate entrepreneurs who have dedicated their livelihood to 90s vintage clothing as well as its community. Mostly renowned for their monthly popup events all around Singapore that draw in the crowds, they have unintentionally created a subculture, with loyal customers religiously attending their events.

“Even though the local vintage clothing community in Singapore is expanding, it’s still a young subculture that needs to be nursed and cared for in order for it to become prominent in the local market,” states the anonymous vintage dealers. These monthly pop-up stores are organised alongside other companies, with the objective of bringing the community together. "More than just a sale-day for Death Threads, it focuses on having the entire local subculture to meet, bond and flourish."

With renowned brands such as Nike, Fila and Palace, there's hardly any shortage in diversity with their vintage apparel. Singaporeans have recently developed an interest in this type of fashion due to major pop influencers and artists such as A$AP Rocky and Jaden Smith. This peak in interest has given Death Threads the opportunity to peddle their vintage-wears to local customers who feel just as passionate about the culture as they do.


“We take great pride in our curations and feel obligated to consistently provide a wide array of clothing selection for our customers to choose from,” they add.

Their ever-growing social media presence on Instagram plays a big part when it comes to putting their name out there. With nearly 5,000 followers on their Instagram account (@deaththreadsvtg), they rely on their page to attract potential customers either through shares or word-of-mouth.

One of the many advantages Death Threads possesses is the fact that their popup events feel extremely exclusive and secretive, with the venues usually located at odd-spots such as Tai Seng Industrial Park and 188 Tanjong Katong Road. These places are not commonly known for mass events, thus making the experience exhilarating especially when it is attended with a group of like-minded friends who are willing to make a day out of it. 

The crew expresses: "We’re constantly learning from what our fans are interested in, and so far we’re really happy with the response."

As their brand continues to grow among Singaporeans, the Death Threads crew is currently looking to expand to a dedicated space in order to keep up with their demands, as well as to accommodate their growing fanbase with better service.

Since then, they have announced their next pop-up event at 188 Tanjong Katong Road, which will be held on 9 and 10 June. If you’re interested in picking up some intricate vintage pieces, or just looking to expand your social circle with like-minded individuals, you know where we’ll be.



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Roses are red, Violets are blue