Ready, Fat, Go!!!

Ready, Fat, Go!!!

See how this guy lost 32kg and developed a passion for weightlifting

written by toh hui fang | photos by clemens chua & muhd alfian bin meswan

At the age of 14, Muhd Alfian Bin Meswan weighed 120 kg. He was teased for being overweight and physically unfit. When he ran for his NAPFA test, his classmates overtook him and criticised him for running too slow. When he played soccer, he could only be the goalkeeper as he was not fit enough to play any other position. He felt discouraged and it affected his confidence level.


When he turned 18, he always felt tired and lazy. But one day, he woke up and wanted to prove to himself and his family that he could lose weight. Hence, he started a new lifestyle to make a difference.

His older sister signed him up for Muay Thai and boxing classes as a gift for his 18th birthday. It became a motivation for him to start off his journey in losing weight. He was determined to reach his goal as he was worried about his health issues and he was tired of being called fat. He wanted to challenge himself to see what it would take to make a difference.

Gaining Passion

“I hit a plateau, my weight didn’t seem to be going down,” Alfian recalled, now 22.

He started attending classes in 2015, weighing 110 kg. Around late 2016, he felt that his body had become accustomed to the training intensity, therefore he took the initiative to start lifting weights in the gym even though he disliked it.

“30 percent, you can rely on your friends’ support, 70 percent on yourself.”

Alfian began his daily routine in the gym and would sometimes go with his friends. During their workout sessions, they would give each other tips and encouragement. He felt that it was nice to have friends to tag along in this weight loss journey as they were his motivation to go to the gym whenever he felt lazy.

However, he was aware that it was impossible to demand of his friends to keep up with his workout sessions – he worked out five to six times a week. Hence, he felt that it was important to be self-dependent. Since then, he has not lost focus. He had already dropped 32 kg and has developed a passion for lifting weights.

Having A Positive Mindset and Gaining Confidence

“I always take negative comments as a motivator,” said Alfian.

He has received countless criticisms and doubtful comments. For example, people telling him that he can only last for a short period of time and that he would not succeed. However, he was not affected by any of it. He commented that if people took negative comments too seriously, they would not be motivated to continue. Hence, he took these destructive criticisms as motivation to keep him going, not to prove them wrong but to prove to himself that he was capable.

On the other hand, he also had the support from his family and friends. His mother encouraged him by saying: “At the end of the day, your training will surely payoff.” His coach said: “You have to train harder than your opponent so that your fight will be easier.”

After four years of non-stop effort, he has not lost his determination to lose weight, even if it meant stepping out of his comfort zone. He has picked up habits like keeping track of what he eats daily and carrying out activities that he does not like, such as running.

“Being able to see the change in my body is what has made me confident,” Alfian said. He feels contented as he is able to keep up to his words and fulfil his goal. Compared to the past, he is fitter, more disciplined and confident now.


A Sense of Satisfaction

“My biggest achievement so far was losing 32 kg,” he said.

He shared that he had never once accomplished the goals he set for himself from the past new year resolutions. Losing the 32 kg was the first time that Alfian finally succeeded in achieving the goal he had set. He is now less tired waking up in the morning and his energy level is high throughout the day. He feels a sense of satisfaction for the hard work that he’s put in for the past four years.

“Do something now, instead of regretting it later,” concluded Alfian.

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