Face The Haze

Face The Haze

An absolute millennial essential if you plan on living in busy and hazy Singapore without looking like a fashion disaster, wearing a mask in Singapore seems impossible without looking like you’re getting an MC. CATCH has got you covered. Here are some #lit #hypebeast #fine ideas on how you can look your best, and beat the haze at the same time!

Words & Photos by Johnson

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Be it Indonesia or Malaysia, that lingering odour of smog filling up our green city is no stranger to Singaporeans. Like it or not, the yearly haze has clearly blended into our culture.

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Despite the yearly haze, many Singaporeans believe that wearing a mask is “unglam”, an absolute wardrobe malfunction. We disagree.


Never look at something for what it is, but see it for what it could be. Do not assume your mask is just a tool to improve respiration. Your mask is an accessory, it’s an extension of your very being. Unchain yourself and reclaim full control over your fashion choices, and realise the mask is but a fashionable addition to your daily look.

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RULE #1: Never let your mask determine what you will be wearing.

RULE #2: There is no Rule #2.

RULE #3: Ignore 1 & 2 if the PSI is above 500.


As Ariana Grande once said: “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.”

Thank you, next.

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