2015: The Golden Year for Singapore's Indie Music Scene

2015: The Golden Year for Singapore's Indie Music Scene

To celebrate the end of a fantastic year for the scene,
CATCH magazine recommends some awesome releases you might not have known or might have missed completely: 

Written by: Brendon Tan

Album Art Pictures by: Respective Artists and bands


Lost Weekend - Lost Weekend  (Indie Pop Rock)

Lost Weekend’s debut floats dreamingly and stings with plenty of melancholy and delightful, sticky sweet melodies about being hopelessly in love and being really small in a big and crowded city like Singapore. 

Cheating Sons - Cheating Sons (Blues folk Rock)

Grandiose smooth vocals and gorgeous lyricism about love, faith, hope and fear is wrapped by a warm accompaniment of intricately plucked guitars and beautifully picked strings and horns. An instant rock and roll classic with bite. 

Hanging Up The Moon - Immaterial (Folk)

Hazy lush melodies permeate this entire record. From the brutally honest observations of the human conditions, to the tired yet mystically captivating vocals of Sean Lam.

A fascinating, therapeutic yet pretty album for those cold rainy days. 

In Each Hand A Cutlass - The Kraken (Post-Rock)
Cinematic, loud, dynamic and freaking most of all, epic. THE KRAKEN is a post-rock album that is large in scale, not just musically but concept wise as well. It gets you off your feet yet grounds you in its power and might. The tunes here are complex musically yet feels effortless at the same time. It’s a blockbuster with intelligence and that is always a good thing. 

Take Two - Pairs (EP) (Indie Pop Rock)

Brimming with energy and radiating accessible blissful “anthemic” rock tunes. Take Two have a knack for writing pop rock tunes that just stick in your head for days. Just listen to the instant crowd pleasers - ‘In Your Arms’ and ‘Luna’ and you will definitely get it why this band is going places in Singapore and beyond. 

The Observatory - Continuum (Avant Rock/Experimental/Post-Punk/Noise)

Singapore’s most industrious and adventurous experimental rock band are back with their 7th album.
Heavily inspired by Balinese gamelan music and it shows from the use of these traditional instruments which is mix seam
essly with modern techniques and instrumentation to create music that challenges and pushes the envelope once again of what is local music. 

Stopgap - Totems (Indie Rock)

Energetic, fun and full of danceable indie rock charm. TOTEMS is a solid, heartfelt debut that takes inspiration from some of indie rock’s best (The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys) and delivers it with its very own personality and confidence that makes it stand on its own against the many flavours of the month indie rock albums. 

Charlie Lim - Time/Space (Neo-Soul/RnB/Electronic Folk)

On the bigger tracks - syrupy smooth vocals, finger snapping catchiness, melodies with pop sensibilities and classy grandeur instrumentation. On the slightly softer tracks, Charlie Lim’s voice croons with innocence and vulnerability and together with the sleek and triumphant instruments will make even the most cold of hearts flutter. 

The Psalms - People Eating People (Alternative Rock)

Gritty, relentless and visceral. There are memorable hooks scattered throughout this gritty album about human emotions, which blends noisy metal guitars, rhythmic electronic synths and soaring “shouty” vocals into a cohesive whole. 

Frog Breeder

Frog Breeder

Lepark? "Lepak" on a rooftop you mean

Lepark? "Lepak" on a rooftop you mean