Dime for Some Time

Dime for Some Time

They used to say, money can't buy you time. But now at Coffeemin, this is about to change

By: Heidi Chan

It has always been said that money can’t buy you time. But with Coffeemin, this is about to change.

Coffeemin is nestled right in the very heart of Singapore at Clarke Quay in Central C mall where all the hustle and bustle takes place. A sanctuary in the city whereby patrons get to buy some time away from the stress and crowd.

This unique café offers the fresh new idea and concept of buying time whereby customers are able to head down to the café and enjoy a cuppa or other fun activities for free! All you have to do, is pay for the time you have spent in the café. There you have it, you are now buying time.

For every 10 minutes you spend at the café it costs a dollar and the minimum amount you’d have to spend would be $6 for an hour. Every following 10 minutes for part thereafter would be charged accordingly. The maximum charge per day would be $30.

There is a variety of things you can do at Coffeemin. Sit down for a cup of cuppa and some cookies while enjoying the view outside, race with your friends on the latest car racing game on their X-box game machines, play a board game, read and surf the net. The list goes on with endless possibilities.

All you have to do is to forego your burdens and stress from life and sit down to enjoy yourself as you buy yourself some time for that much needed relaxation.

Feeling very intrigued by this new concept, I decided to head down to see for myself how exciting this new café would be. As I took my first step into the cafe, I felt a whole lot more relaxed and at peace with the very cozy and quiet environment.

The interior was very well furnished with tables and comfortable cushioned chairs for customers to enjoy their food and beverages or engage in a small chit chat over a board game. Even with the several tables and chairs, the place still felt spacious. It was as though you were coming back to your own home. There were a few huge touch screen desktop computers at the back of the café that can be used for free to surf the net. Alternatively, if you wish to do it on your own devices, Coffeemin does provide free wifi as well. This comes in handy especially as we are living in a society where this generation cannot live without the internet. Feeling for a ball game? Well surprisingly there is also a pool table where you can enjoy some sports amidst relaxing!

I was initially worried about the noise the X-box game machine would make when a kid walked over to explore it. However, my worries were for naught as the maximum volume was set to be at 18 and it was still not loud enough to disturb the surrounding patrons and I felt that that was a very meticulous and thoughtful of the café.

Resting with a cup of hot mocha and some chocolate chip cookies from the food counter, the city was bustling with energy as I looked on from the wide clear glass windows of Coffeemin. The view was amazing as I sat on a lush plump cushioned seat overlooking the streets of Clarke Quay. It enveloped me with a sense of calmness, away and comfortable from the stress and fast paced life in our usual urban city.

At Coffeemin, if you are worried about it being too packed for comfort, fear not as they have a maximum capacity of number of people they hold, so as to keep their café as tranquil and homely as possible.

Buying time to kick off my shoes to rest and relax, Coffeemin is truly is a home away from home.

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