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Why do some people choose to stick out of the norm? What motivates them to take such a brave step? How are they able to persevere on despite the risks involved

Meet Danish Mustaffa, the 23 year-old co-founder of FAME.SG. FAME.SG is a local fitness organization that provides personal training sessions for all. Despite just starting out early this year, FAME.SG is reaching out to many various organizations and branching out to the local community.

Starting a business in an industry with strong, established competitors is not an easy feat. Coupled with business-building in tiny Singapore, the risks involved are just baffling. Just where did Danish get his motivation from? How does he know that fitness is a viable career route? CATCH sat down with the charismatic chap and here’s what we got:


CATCH: Tell us, when did you get interested in fitness?

Danish: It was a random visit to a gym one day and I got really motivated by the look of men with such chiseled body. Fitness encompasses a wide range of activities and I was interested in going to the gym right after I completed my A-Levels examination, due to the amount of free time I had back then.


CATCH: How did you know that it was THE ONE?

Danish: My passion was driven by the determination I displayed while working out. Lifting weights produces immediate results which motivated me to push myself further. Knowing that my interest grew overtime, I was certain that this is where I belong.


CATCH: So it wasn’t a goal since you were young to be in this line?

Danish: (shakes head) Nope, I always had the ambition of being a commercial pilot. Being in the fitness industry came as a surprise for me as I ventured into the working world. What pulled me into this line is my growing passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.


CATCH: What motivated you to deviate from the ‘normal’ career route?

Danish: The idea of working in an office setting was a huge turn-off for me due to my hyper activeness since young (laughs). My type of person is more of hands-on. I need to move about after sitting for a short period of time and can never be at one location for a long time. It’s boring!


CATCH: With that said, what are your thoughts on being true to yourself?

Danish: The idea of being true to yourself is to love yourself for who you are and what you are gifted with. Comparing yourself to others will only have an adverse effect on individual growth and happiness. There is always a reason why we are unique in our own way and it is up to every individual to unlock what was given to us and fully utilize it to our advantage.


CATCH: How did you start off your career?

Danish: I started off being a personal trainer in a commercialised gym to gain experience and credentials. After a year, I left and started FAME.SG.


CATCH: What are some of the obstacles you had to overcome, business-wise?

Danish: Firstly, starting a business is not easy without any capital. Our company struggled our way through and had to make do with the resources available to start our very first training with our client. Profit was never seen as the money was used to purchase equipment and miscellaneous items. We were heavily dependent on the knowledge we have, as well as outdoor facilities such as fitness corners and an open field.


We started off without any proper planning. Be it, planning ahead or any contingency plans if situations are not in our favor. These caused a lot of time and resources wastage, causing FAME.SG to remain stagnant at a period of time. Also, as business grew, we lacked the manpower needed. Every member has to juggle multiple jobs (in order) to run the business smoothly.


CATCH: With that said, do you guys have any plans on expanding the business?

Danish: Yes definitely, FAME.SG gets increasingly recognized and we are extending our services to a few community clubs (to reach out to the community). God willing, we might want to put our name in all the community clubs in Singapore.


Maybe the better question would be why I want to expand this business (laughs)? I see fitness as a necessity and leading a healthy lifestyle is something no one should live without. Our goal is to reach out to the community and impart the fitness knowledge to them so that they are aware of the benefits of leading an active lifestyle and not a sedentary one. To put it in a bigger perspective, a healthy lifestyle leads to a positive growth of a nation in many areas.


CATCH: That was really enlightening, what tips do you have for our readers who aspires to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Danish: Before starting on a fitness journey, gear your mind-set towards the change (you want to see) is the most crucial of all. Without this first step, people will find it easy to feel demoralized and give up halfway before meeting their goals.


For beginners who wish to take the first step without much resource, I would strongly suggest bodyweight exercises. Most of these exercises can be found on the internet. Make it a routine and do it on a daily basis. Start off with few exercises targeting the muscles intended with lesser sets and repetitions. As confidence level increases, slowly progress to higher sets and repetitions. Remember, progression and not perfection, is the key to reaching your goal.


Be motivated to take charge and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Change your mindset, Redefine your purpose in life, and Transform to a new you. 


Starring: Danish Mustaffa (FAME.SG)

Directed and Edited by: Cheryl Soh

Music: Energy Drink by Virtual Riot


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