Some nights you just can’t be bothered to leave the house - even for a date. Forget fancy dinners and expensive suits, be yourself! Bleak nights or sunny days, the ideal date can be anywhere, as long as you’re spending quality time with your partner. Long term or “just dating”, sometimes the best dates are in the comfort of your own abode


By: Syafiqah Sanudin


1/ Movie Lovers

What’s the most beautiful thing on this planet? To be on your bed. And the second? On your bed, with your loved one. You don’t even have to get up. Feels for a Godfather marathon or to laugh off to Kevin Hart’s latest movies? Go for it. Be it old DVDs, online, Mio on Demand, or Netflix, these options are always a good trade with any typical movie theater dates.

2/ Gaming Lovebirds

Which gamer wouldn’t enjoy a good game of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare with their partner? Either that or execute heists on Grand Theft Auto 5 together. Be it Playstation, Xbox or on desktop, gamer couples would enjoy this beyond any doubt. Trust us, playing multiplayer games side by side is 10 times the adrenaline.

3/ Old School Sexy Jenga

If both of you prefer the more classic type of games, try adding a twist to the all-time favorite Jenga. In this sexy version of Jenga, you will label the jenga blocks with loving (or sexual) actions, and when you pick them out, your spouse gets to do that to you (or vice versa, you choose, play it your way)!

4/ For the Chatterboxes

Conversation games with your loved one will never bore you. Conversation games like “Would You Rather” and “Remember When” are sure to amuse you.

“Would You Rather” goes like this - one poses a question and the other has to choose between two equally tough choices and explain the reason why you prefer one over the other. An intriguing simple game that’ll really keep you two entertained by each others’ answers!

“Remember When” is where you both reminisce about the old funny moments the two of you have encountered or experienced. Nothing feels better than having good laughs over the old comical and careless things you once did. Laughing out loud, enjoying each other’s company with a sense of humour are one of the great joys in relationships. It helps to keep your relationship fresh and healthy. Well, with or without these conversation games, it would never be possible for lovers to run out of things to say to each other. Even when there’s silence, it’s still comforting.

These games are a combination of romantic and fun, well you know, just laying on your bed or couch with a couple glasses of wine and soft music in the background. What could be better?  Also, scented candles set around the room never fail to enhance the feel and charm to a romantic night. They always do!

5/ Meals on Bed

You have to agree that everybody loves breakfast. You know what’s better than that? Having it in bed, even if it’s at night! Having your favorite meal in bed with the person you love is truly fulfilling.

6/ Candlelight Dinner

If you think that having a normal meal at home is not romantic enough, add a touch of romance by having a candlelight dinner in the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating air-fried nuggets or instant lasagna, anything eaten in front of a candlelight is romantic.

7/ Masterchef

Forget takeouts, cook or bake together instead. Meals as simple as Aglio Olio or Stir Fried Nasi Goreng and easy-to-bake treats like cookies, doughnuts or cupcakes have recipes that are easy to look for on Google. Cooking a dish together with your partner is heartening, no matter how the outcome turns out. It’s called “made with love.”

8/ Music to Her Ears

In private or public, her man singing a love song to her has always been every girl’s dream. Include him strumming a guitar and she’s in heaven! She doesn’t need Bruno Mars or Adam Levine’s voice to melt. All that matters is the fact that you actually took the effort to sing to her. Remember, always make your girl smile.

“The real power of a man is in the size of the smile of the woman sitting next to him.” -Unknown

There is nothing more entertaining than picking your favorite songs, grabbing a microphone and singing (or even perform) your hearts out! What more doing it with your girlfriend. Have a karaoke night or just dance to your favorite music. Another tip, you should make playlists for each other. Next time, when your partner is driving, having a jog in the park or away on a vacation with her family, she’ll listen to the playlist you created and you won't leave her mind.

9/ Sports Lovers

Play rounds of friendly soccer or rugby with your girl. No proper equipment? Substitute the ball with a pillow!

10/ NERF War

As the title suggests, nothing beats a good game of NERF war at home! You won’t want to trade the adrenaline and the excitement for anything else, trust us!

11/ The Love Fort

Camp outs? How about camp in?. No matter where you are, outdoors or indoors, it’s all about the right company. Hark back to your good old childhood days of building forts off your blankets in your room, or the living room. The comfort, the security and at the same time the exhilarating feeling of the somewhat adventure you experience while “camping out” indoors. Do that again. Have a mini picnic in the fort you build with your partner, it’s cute!


Remember, these are just ideas. Do whatever both of you enjoy and don’t forget the importance of atmosphere and ambiance for a night of fun and romance. Romantic music like slow rock or your favorite songs to set the mood.