Night Spots

Night Spots

There are several different night spots that play good Hip Hop music, but check out this new club that we found, one that combines good music with great art and a creative space!


Article and Photos by Avril Sindhu

CANVAS Singapore is one of the upcoming nightspots in Clarke Quay. It serves as a nightclub, an event venue and a comedy club. It hosts the famous comedian Kumar, twice a month. Business commenced in 2014, and they have been churning out 7-8 events a week! 

Give me a beat

The nightclub covers a range of different music, such as indie, house, rock, and it even has a night dedicated just for hip-hop music. The Bronx is a hip-hop music night that happens every Friday, with DJ KoFlow and DJ Rattle. 

The idea behind the Bronx night was to provide people with an alternative to DJ KoFlow’s popular Solid Gold event held at Zouk every month. It was then, that CANVAS decided to hold a Hip Hop night once a week to cater to the niche audience in Singapore. 

Door Admissions for The Bronx are only at $25! Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

Creative Space

Apart from being dedicated to play all genres of music, CANVAS also provides a creative space for professionals to meet other professionals, creatively. 

Debrief is an event that allows people to network, especially artists. It is aimed to bring different types of arts and artists to meet with those from the industry. It is a very informal event; you could bring your friends of friends or any creative individuals or entities. 

Every Wednesday, Debrief features an upcoming artist or professional. On November 4th, CATCH visited CANVAS and got a glimpse of the event! 

The artist in the spotlight was Beng’s Art. The artist, Benny Goerlach, is a Singapore based street artist, but an Australian native. He creates different types of digitally designed images that have a creative story behind them. The images focus on the controversial topics that surround our culture, yet not many actually speak up about it. Using digital illustration and silkscreen printing, his works are not cheap, but they really do leave an impact on the audience. 

Admissions to the Debrief event are free! While you are there, you can also enjoy the Creative Hour from 5pm-9pm.

Refuge is pretty new to the Hip Hop scene, but do not underestimate them. They brand the club to be solely dedicated to Hip Hop and R&B music. As they say “Urban Therapy for the modern soul”, Refuge plays the old school and current hits from the Hip Hop scene. The 3rd level of Refuge is a bar, for you to unwind and listen to the lyrical geniuses of the 90s such as Tupac. It is a place for you to chill to old school funk and soulful R&B. But if you’re looking for a place to let your body loose and dance till there’s no tomorrow, head to the 2nd floor where the Refuge club will be a treat to your senses. Playing the hottest and latest Hip Hip and R&B music, the club is the place to get your grind on! Every last Friday of the month, you can even catch comedian Fakkah Fuzz entertaining you with his jokes with special performances such as the Lion City Boy as well!


There are three different concepts to match your mood at AltaEgo, the micro-club of Club Street. Where we think you will want to go is The Basement where the hardest grinds and ghetto soundtracks are played. This is where you go to get your heart pumping with the intensity of the beat of music. The Lounge, is a place for you to go when you just want to chill over a nice conversation, and an ambience that sets your mood right. But if you’re looking for something new and entertaining, then head up to The Room, where it is transformed every week! Yes, that’s right. Every seven days they reinvent the space and host several events from sultry vocals to comedy nights and even exclusive DJ acts. Every weekend, DJ Adonis and DJ Gravity host an event called Colours, which play you the best in R&B and Hip Hop.

Blu Jazz Café

Make no mistake, Blu Jazz is the pioneer of Hip Hop Clubs today. With a small start as a burger joint located in Little India in 2004, Blu Jazz has made its way to Bali Lane and has been a nightspot for many for the past eight years. The café has made its footprint by hosting many events that cover a variety of genres. Twice a month, they also host a Hip Hop night, playing classics from the 90s, rap music, and even from the current music scene. Hosted by several different DJs, their Hip Hop nights are usually on Saturdays when they are not booked with private events. But Hip Hop nights aren’t the only thing you can look forward to, Blu Jazz also hosts many live bands, poetry nights, jam sessions and comedy nights. It is truly the place you can go to when you have nothing to do want to liven up your nights or weekends! 

Prince of Street-Wear

Prince of Street-Wear

The Art - Jackson Aw

The Art - Jackson Aw