<h2>Clinching the Ivy League Position<h2>

Clinching the Ivy League Position

Story by: Metys Ngo
Photos by: Nanyang Polytechnic

Julius Eleazar Tan had not even dreamt of getting into an Ivy League school. But after talking to some people from Columbia University, he put aside his doubts and enrolled for the degree in Political Science in 2015.

Julius was resourceful in the application. He said: “I took the SAT’s, gathered letters of recommendation from teachers, and took a variety of challenging liberal arts courses in a community college to develop myself more holistically.”

At NYP, Julius was a student from the Diploma in Banking and Financial Services and President of the Current Affairs and Debating Club. He also emceed for various NYP and national events, such as the rst Youth Olympic Games, Singapore in 2010.

He said: “My greatest challenge was adapting to the more unstructured polytechnic environment. I had to learn how to manage my own time and find the discipline to finish my work.”

Juggling his various responsibilities at NYP helped him keep up with the rigorous curriculum at university. “The workload at Columbia is probably two or three times more than what I had in polytechnic but I think that varies depending on the type and number of courses taken in a semester,” he shared.

Julius went on to make the daring choice to start his own non-profit organisation, Impactfull Inc, rather than doing a second internship for his degree in Columbia.

He will be graduating in 2018 and is already planning ahead.“I am currently looking at opportunities in management consulting, robust corporate leadership or rotational programmes. I believe these careers have very steep learning curves and also have a good amount of exposure to senior leadership,” he concluded.

<h2>Debating for the Greater Good<h2>

Debating for the Greater Good