<h2>Debating for the Greater Good<h2>

Debating for the Greater Good

Story by: Estelle Queck
Photos by: Cavan Tay

Each year, the ve polytechnics send their debate teams to the Inter-polytechnic Debating Competition in a bid to suss out the best debate team and its speakers. In 2017, Nanyang Polytechnic clinched the championship, along with the titles Finals Best Speaker and Overall Best Speaker. The competition was held in November 2017.

Metys Ngo, Tay Jin Han Cavan, Leong Chong-Yu and Zick Soh, represented the school and brought back the trophies. They are all from the School of Business Management (SBM), except for Chong- Yu, who is from the School of Information Technology.

“We were delighted to win,” said Zick, the Current Affairs and Debating Club President and year two student.“Everyone was joyful as all our hard work had paid off!”

The team sees their victory as achievements for the glory of the entire club.“We don’t just debate to prove a point, we debate for the greater good,” Cavan, a year two student and winner of the Finals Best Speaker shared.“Debating helps us both in and out of the classroom!”

“Through this debate journey, we have developed critical thinking skills that help us structure our thoughts and our work,” said Metys, a year three student. “It has also shaped our con dence to be able to speak persuasively in public settings.”

When asked what the key to the team's success was, Chong-Yu, a year two student and winner of the Overall Best Speaker, attributes their success to camaraderie among the team members. "We work together so much, and work well together!" Chong-Yu proclaimed confidently.

<h2>Spearheading Socially Responsible Initiatives</h2>

Spearheading Socially Responsible Initiatives

<h2>Clinching the Ivy League Position<h2>

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