<h2>Unexpected Win for Magazine Team</h2>

Unexpected Win for Magazine Team

Story by: Chia Jia Li
Photos by: Janna Khoo

Five third-year Diploma in Mass Media Management (DMMM) students clinched the gold for “Best Student Project of the Year” at the Annual Media Publishers Association of Singapore (MPAS) Awards in September 2017. This recognises the achievements and top talents of Singapore’s magazine publishing industry each year.

The team, consisting of Janna Khoo, Amira Ismail, Sherilyn Chong, Mar’atun Salihah, and Nicodemus Kee, created a magazine centred on the theme of relaxation. This was for their Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP) module that spans one semester.

The bonus “Special Citation Award”came as a surprise. The judge that awarded the team, Ms Marina Mathews, Founder & Managing Director at Chrysler Communications, said the magazine “exceeded some of the other professional titles”.

Editor-in-Chief Janna Khoo said: “It was a pleasant surprise because we simply worked with the belief of having fun and creating something we can all be proud of.”

Creating the magazine for the first time, the creative process was not without challenges.

“The main challenge was trying to get personalities or topics that were related to our main theme. Towards the end, we also had to polish and deal with last minute changes,” said Janna.

Despite their difficulties, they made the best of the experience and thanked their lecturers for always giving them the push they needed to improve.

Creative Director Amira Ismail said: “Winning the two awards was definitely a significant accomplishment for my team and we couldn’t have been prouder!”

<h2>Spearheading Socially Responsible Initiatives</h2>

Spearheading Socially Responsible Initiatives