Revolution Of Streetwear

Revolution Of Streetwear

From Left to Right: Daniela Monasterios-Tan, Shaf Amis'aabudin and Nathanael Ng of MASH-UP

From Left to Right: Daniela Monasterios-Tan, Shaf Amis'aabudin and Nathanael Ng of MASH-UP

Story by: Vanessa Ho & Jacinth Tan

Photos by: Editorial Team & Nathanael Ng, Fashion Designer of MASH-UP


Unexpected. Flamboyant. Fun.

A glance through MASH-UP’s collection and these words automatically come to mind. Embracing the motto, ‘to make the world a more fun and funnier place’, this local label is definitely the life of a party.

MASH-UP was formed in April 2012 by a trio of young designers, Daniela Monasterios-Tan, Nathanael Ng and Shaf Amis’aabudin, aged 28, 27 and 26 years old respectively. They met while studying at LASALLE College of the Arts and have been good friends since then.

Their designs are exactly as its name suggests, a mishmash of various styles and inspirations from different eras. The trio would experiment with different hues of colours, textiles, and designs before coming up with a definitive product.

“We want to bring humour and colour not only to the community but to our country as well.  Everyone is always wearing black, being so serious and ‘cool’,” says Nathanael.

He adds that the brand strongly believes in self-expression, authenticity and empowerment. He hopes to create a positive influence on people who wear MASH-UP’s clothes so that they would be able to have fun and feel confident.

Young people nowadays play it safe. They are afraid to venture out, experiment and show their true personalities even if it is only through fashion.

In this harsh society, fitting in is easier than standing out. MASH-UP hopes to be able to influence and empower these people to express who they truly are.

“We live in a country where everyone is so fearful of judgments. We want everyone to be who they are, live fearlessly and not let anyone dim their shine,” explains Nathanael.

To exude individualism, little quirks have been added to enhance the designs. Vintage clothes are given a new touch of life as they are woven together with new fabrics and unconventional materials. This depicts the chic urban style we find today.

It's a risky move, taking away the essence of a pre-loved style and trying to incorporate something new to it. However, these bold decisions are exactly what draws the customers in.

MASH-UP does not believe in fashion elitism as they have fun in doing what they love. The striking appearances of their clothes are a perfect embodiment of their personalities and passion.

They feel the best when they see someone on the streets in their outfits.

“We secretly squeal inside when that happens,” says Nathanael.

Singaporeans have become more open-minded over the years. Loud and bombastic fashion styles that were once not approved are gaining more acceptance and appreciation.

“I say we are going in the right direction because we know people like us who exist, with the same vision, to add more culture into Singapore,” says Nathanael.

MASH-UP is constantly advancing to new heights from sunny Singapore, to Thailand and Indonesia. The diligent and committed LASALLE College of Arts graduates are focused on adding more vibrancy to the society with fun and laughter. 

“We hope in the long run, we will add some culture into Singapore and sparking youths to create a creative, expressive and free future,” expresses Nathanael.

Styling and Directing By: Vanessa Ho, Shariffah Nur Alawiyah, Asyura Mohd Roslan

Photography By: Nurul Deanna

Models: Krystal, Aditi Rane, Jag Singh

Music: Electro-Light-Symbolism by NCS Release

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