WAH! Eden Ang

WAH! Eden Ang

A closer look into the different sides of Eden Ang

By: Tan Li Yan

A singer, dancer and an actor, it seems like Eden Ang , 27, is not just a pretty face! The CATCH team spoke to the YouTube sensation about what it’s like to be working on the different platforms of entertainment. Currently starring in a local channel 5 production, Tanglin, Eden still does YouTube videos for both Wah Banana and his personal channel as well. Although his popularity is rising, his down to earth and hardworking personality made it hard for us to not adore him. 

If you can work with any other celebrity in the world, who will you want to work with and why? 

There are many entertainers out there that I look up to. I would say Daniel Day-Lewis for acting, would be someone I would like to watch work, or do work with. Michael Jackson if he’s still around. I would love so much to work with him.

What is the most memorable thing your fans have done for you? 

I don’t really like to refer to them as fans but I guess as support as the people that has supported me. To me anything as simple just saying hey I enjoy your work makes my day worthwhile and makes my life worthwhile so small things like that really means a lot to me. 

Is there any characters you hope to play in the future? 

I’d love to explore any character actually. Any character with depth which really drives the story and most of all inspires people I’d love to play that character.

What do you think is the most important qualities that an actor like you must possess? 

I think this applies to all entertainment or people in the position of influence. I guess it would be between the willingness to be humble and to be able to learn all the time. And to have a true pure heart to inspire. 

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your journey to becoming one of the most popular YouTuber in Singapore?

So the challenge is that starting from a really young age, my parents kept telling me that what I’m doing was bullshit. My dad used to call what I do “monkey tricks” and till this day they don’t really understand my career and they don’t really support me. In fact a lot of my family look down upon it, and say that what I’m doing is a waste of time. And I’ve had people telling me that I can’t sing, some people telling me that I should quit dancing and people saying to me that I can never act and that I’m shit at everything that I do. And there’s always the usual haters that tell me that everything I do is bad, and I’m ugly, and too short, and don’t have double eyelids, all sorts of crap like that. But to me, these challenges are just little hurdles that we just want to hop over, not destroy them, we don’t need to destroy these haters. Just kind of get over them, have a good laugh about them and you know smile back at those challenges. This is not really a challenge, it’s more of another side of the industry we’re in. It’s not all glitz and glam, it’s not you know, going around and acting fancy and all that. In fact it’s a lot of very very hard work. In fact, to be honest I sleep about 4 hours a day. That’s about my average sleeping time just because I work so much. 

Do you have any plans to venture overseas or to work in a differently part of the entertainment industry? 

Yes the goal for me is to be an international performer. So definitely as much as I feel that it’s most important to share the love in Singapore first but as soon as I get more platforms to go overseas I would like to explore way more opportunities. Different parts of entertainment I don’t think so much. But I’d always love to direct. I’m directing now and I’d love to direct some more too! But I love singing, acting and dancing. Even though I do a lot of YouTube now I actually do TV full time as well and I actually started in theatre. And I actually started off as a break dancer, then I got into singing. But to be able to sing and dance on stage I had to learn how to act, and that was when I kind of taught myself how to act and then I fell in love with it after that. 

Do you have any words of advice for the students or aspiring actors and actresses? 

To me it’s all or nothing. So either you give your life up for the thing that you want to do that you’re passionate about. Or don’t pursue it. Don’t pursue it half assed. That’s my advice. Be in there for the correct reasons. If you’re in there to inspire, you’re in there to touch people’s lives, to change things for the better, that’s the right reasons. If you’re in there for the fame, the fortune, the money, chances are your career will crumble easily.