Glow & Bowl

Glow & Bowl

Story by Sherilyn Chong |  Photos by Amira Ismail

What does bowling and a night club give you? ­A cosmic bowling alley! We had a first-hand experience of cosmic bowling. We also spoke to youths who enjoy spending their time bowling with their friends!

How about spending an enjoyable bowling experience with your friends at local bowling alleys near you with a twist? Presenting an all-new experience – bowling in the dark, also known as cosmic bowling!

Although no one knows for sure where cosmic bowling originated from, the idea behind it stems from bowling and disco. It turns an ordinary sport – bowling – into a unique experience.

With neon coloured disco lights and bowling balls, the mood just simply allows you to have a lively time with your group of friends.

Here’s what some of the Cosmic Bowlers have to say about the ambience and experience!


“The unique thing about cosmic bowling is the atmospheric environment – you have dimmed lights and lasers shooting everywhere. On top of it, when there’s great music, you are bound to have a great night!”

–      ­­Charmaine, 19


“It’s dark and there are disco lights, it kind of sets a party-like atmosphere.”

–      Rayner, 18


“It’s my first time at a cosmic bowling alley. To me, it is pretty normal but it’s more about the atmosphere with really good vibes.”

–      Cheryl, 17


“I like the ambience because it just makes your bowling experience more fun and light-hearted. I really enjoyed the disco lights and upbeat songs as make me want to dance along!”

–      Amirun, 21


“It was my second time going for a cosmic bowling session and I think that the second time coming turned out to be better somehow. The vibes it gave was very energetic. I remembered the first time when I came, there were a lot more people and they were just dancing around as if it was their dance floor!”

–      Salihah, 22


“Cosmic Bowling is the epitome of fun and quirky. From the colourful display of disco lights to the music being played on loudspeakers, it’s the perfect place to unwind with my family and friends. And yes, I’ll come back for more!”

–      Amira, 21


I’ve personally always enjoyed bowling and before coming here, I had wondered what the atmosphere was like for cosmic bowling. Indeed, as my first experience at a cosmic bowling alley, the ambience definitely scored high points for me. It was a scene that I was definitely not used to. With its neon gleams paired with top dance tracks to boost your mood, it was truly a fun-filled experience to have with my friends!

So, what are you waiting for? Head on down to one of these bowling alleys to experience the glow-in-the-dark atmospheric bowling experience of a lifetime!


Address: 48 Boon Lay Way, The Chevrons, Singapore 609961

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