Backstage with Adrian Pang

We sat down with Adrian Pang to find out what he’s been up to as he expresses his love for theatre. Many of us grew up watching him, but of late he has not been on TV as much due to his managing of Pangdemonium.

Unknown Music

Tired of listening to the top 50 list on Spotify?  Looking for something new and fresh? Here at CATCH, we know that it can be hard finding new good music, so we saved you the trouble. Check out our Spotify  Playlist featuring artistes we have mentioned and even more. Scan that QR code and slide those airpods in.

Beyond the Filth of "Dirty Jobs"

Supporting the bustling lives of white-collar workers, a 12% minority sullies their hands to keep the first-world country in top shape. CATCH finds out the odd jobs that are under-appreciated and the motivations for its workers.

The Trials of the Streets

An exploration into the life of a busker, CATCH speaks to Ken Loh, a well-known busker who frequently entertained shoppers along Orchard Road. From a nuisance to a performance piece, he speaks out on the ups and downs of being a busker.

Losing the Personal Touch

With the convenience of social media platforms, it’s uncommon to find youths that readily write handwritten birthday letters to their friends nowadays. This article looks into the digital shift of birthday wishes, and why handwritten letters are our preferred choice in conveying a sense of personal touch.

Uncomfortable Voices

The CATCH team interviews Deborah Emmanuel, a spoken word performance artist, who shares her journey, her take on introspection, and talks about what it means to make a difference.

Open 24/7

Staying up is hardly an unfamiliar concept to many of us. Be it at clubs or bars, most of us have hung out during late hours to have fun with our friends. However, what about our alcohol-abstinent friends? CATCH has got you covered. Here’s a list of our top places to go to when you’re out with your non-drinking friends during late nights!

Face The Haze

An absolute millennial essential if you plan on living in busy and hazy Singapore without looking like a fashion disaster. Wearing a mask in Singapore seems impossible without looking like you’re getting an MC. CATCH has got you covered. Here are some #lit #hypebeast #fine ideas on how you can look your best, and beat the haze at the same time!

Freshly Baked!

Determined to maintain his traditional bakery till retirement, Jimmy Mah shares what pushed him to continue running Jie Bakery and his unwavering drive for traditional bread-making.

Rage It Out!!!

Established in 2017, The Fragment Room is Singapore’s first rage room. With a variety of destructible objects, The Fragment Room prides itself as the place to relieve stress. CATCH had a chat with the Fragment Room’s co-owners, Daniel and Ian, to learn more about the business and its success.

Grad Trip

Polytechnic graduates have many things in common, but if there’s one thing that’s always plaguing the minds of graduates-to-be, and something examinees look forward to, it would be the fabled graduation trip. From exotic mountain-top temples to bustling night markets, here are CATCH team’s top 4 picks for your next big clique holiday.

Aisyah Aziz: A Modern Malay Woman

The name Aisyah Aziz is no stranger in Singapore, especially amongst the Malay community. As a modern Malay woman, Aisyah’s Malay heritage has played a huge role in her life. We got the opportunity to have a chat with Aisyah to find out more about how her culture has influenced both her career and personal life.

Food of Your Roots

We all love the feeling of nostalgia tickling our senses. From the perfume our grandmothers used to wear, to the feeling of your childhood teddy bear, to the foods we used to eat. Here are 5 foods that will send you on a journey of taste all the way back to your childhood.