Your Personal Tropical Haven

Your Personal Tropical Haven

Desk area looking plain and boring? Here are five tips to transform your studying/working area into a tropical themed haven!

Story: Cassandra Goh  I  Illustrations: Sindy Chen


Paint fresh leaves with different shades of green and get stamping! Once the paint has dried, frame up your masterpiece!

Frame plants COnline.png


Place plants such as succulents and tillandsias on shelves or on your desk. Not only are they small, fuss-free and easy to maintain, but they also give off a summer vibe!

plants COnline.png


Draping fairy lights on shelves will make you feel like you're in a cabana in a tropical paradise.

Shelf COnline.png


Fill your moodboard with pictures and notes of tropical destinations to keep the tropical vibe going!

Moodboard COnline.png


Add a tropical touch with these accessories!

accessories COnline.png
Wearable Bloems

Wearable Bloems