There is an age-old question that has rocked the soul of every man  that has walked the earth. This is a question that has no defining answer. Until now. How to be a man’s man, man

By: Aditya Mirchandani Rodrigues



Throughout our lives we have asked ourselves if we’re being ‘man enough’. But each time we ask, we are presented with a myriad of answers, flooding our minds with inconsistent information and impossible tasks. With false information and self-righteousness abound, it’s no surprise that the art of being a real man has been almost lost to the history books. Is there any hope left out there?


Have no fear; we here at Catch have consolidated the step-by-step, bulletproof, testosterone-tested guide, to being a man. A list of all the things you need to do, to be the James Dean and Han Solo of Generation Y.


The first step to being the best man you can be is to look like the best man you can be. A man’s appearance says more about him at first glance than anything else. And although it’s difficult to hear, it is unfortunately, an inconvenient truth. Therefore the first rule to being a man’s man is to dress sharp, stay fresh and look smart.


The second rule you want to follow is to always keep your house in order. A man’s personal space is a representative of how he projects himself. If he is a well-organized and poised individual, his home is probably the same. A man’s home is sacred; it has seen his downfall and his resurrection. A place with such emotion should at least be kept tidy.


The third thing a man must know is how to protect his interests and the things he believes in. Hence, a real man must know how to fight, if not defend himself. Although running away might seem like the more attractive option at times, learning how to wedge your feet into the dirt and stand your ground is a very admirable and respectable trait of a real man. One prime, example of this is King Leonidas. When faced with the treacherous Persian army, King Leonidas commanded his forces to the battlefield even if it meant imminent death. King Leonidas knew that if nothing stood in the way of his problems, they would overcome him and the things he holds dear


A bit of help to someone less capable in certain areas can mean the world to them. That’s why; the fourth trait a man should have is to take care of the people who are less capable than him. Whether it’s the disabled, the aged, or the young and inexperienced. Sometimes a helping hand goes a long way. Don’t do it for a reward or a prize, do it because everyone at one point of time needs a shoulder to lie on. If you think the world is going to sh*t, walk in the humble sandals of Mahatma Gandhi and “be the change you want to see in the world.”


The fifth rule a man should follow is to know how to step back and acknowledge someone else’s superior capabilities. A real man knows when to accept his mistakes, and acknowledges the fact that he may not be as good at something as someone else is. Although it may be a bit hard, sometimes letting someone else take centre stage for a change can be a good way to keep your ego in check.


The sixth cardinal rule to follow is to never over share or gossip. Too often in this world are we left with empty words, which have the intention of nothing, and are just conversational fillers. A real man means every word he says and the words that leave his mouth are as respected as the man himself. Gossip propagates hatred and worse than that, more gossip. You don’t hear James Bond indulging in hearsay with M in-between missions. Just like James Bond, you want to be dark and brooding, so that the occasional quip will be all the more appreciated. Therefore always remember, saying something vicious about someone reflects more badly on you than it does on him or her.


The next step to being a man, and a good human being, is to simply be nice and mind your manners. Having good manners doesn’t mean that you should sit in a certain way, or use a certain spoon to scoop up soup. Having manners is recognizing that you aren’t the only person deserving of kind words and a pat on the back, its about self awareness and understanding. Personal etiquette is not deserving of any kind of reward. Be nice for the sake of being nice, because everyone deserves a little recognition their efforts from time to time. Whether you’re thanking service staff for taking your used plate away, or holding the door open for an elderly woman. Always remember, “Manners maketh man.”


“Faber est suae quisque fortunae”. Every man is the artisan of his own fortune. This Latin phrase could not be more relevant than it is today. Nowadays, there seem to be an abundant amount of trust fund brats, with no passion to achieve, throwing their money at useless possessions to compensate for their lack of passion. A man must know how to achieve the things he wants by any means necessary, never settling for free handouts. Unlike the spoilt children of today, who have had everything handed to them on a silver platter, you know how to fight for the things you believe in. Lucky for you, no company is going to hire someone with a silver spoon up their ass as opposed to someone who knows the value of hard work. The character traits and values you’ll pick up from being constantly tested against your wits will be invaluable.


The ninth step to being a real man is to always keep your word. A mans word is his bond, and everything that he ever amounts to will be based upon his word. If he is frivolous in the promises he makes and the things he says, then he is not a man at all. Too often have world leaders and figures of prominence traded integrity for their own selfish goals. Fulfilling a promise can be an exceedingly rewarding experience. The Lord Of The Rings series would’ve been a flop if Frodo gave up on taking the ring to mordor for a refreshing stein of mead. Keeping your word puts faith into you and ensures that others around you will take you seriously and believe in the things you say.


The final and perhaps most important rule of how to be a man is to start where you are, and be focused on your goal. No one man can achieve all the steps on this list overnight. But start by remembering them and internalizing it. Sure it’s ok to be distracted at times, but make sure your whole life isn’t a mess of background static. Cut through the hubbub and make sure you goal is clearly etched into your mind. What is a man without the ability to conquer that which he desires? The art of being a man is to always be hungry, and to ferociously go after anything you desire. It doesn't matter where you come from, whether you’re the son of a rich man or a poor man; the ability to triumph begins with you – always.